Cleaning companies

Do you own or manage a company?
In that case, you certainly know how important
is to have a clean workplace environment.
That’s why we offer you cleaning of your company
in maximum quality.
Without mercy, we will also remove the dirt that others do not see,
and we will check the work carefully one by one.

How do we clean?

Corporate cleaning with us means handing you a fresh and healthy workplace that is spotlessly clean, not just at first glance, but even at the most scrutinizing one.
We will relieve you from searching for responsible staff, cleaning products or toiletries and provide your company with a quality service that you will be happy to order again and again.
We will take over the overall cleanliness of your company in our professional hands.
Because purity is the basis of life.

What kind of companies do we clean?

We clean different types of companies, from large companies to the smallest ones.

  • Office and administrative premises
  • Business and commercial premises
  • Production halls, warehouses
  • Industrial objects
  • Construction companies
  • Private ambulance
  • Sports facilities
  • Fitness and wellness centres

Supply of consumer goods

Our services also include the delivery of goods to customers. We specialise mainly in hygiene products and cleaning products, paying particular attention to their quality and ecological impact. However, we can also use conventional cleaning products if required.

We deliver:

  • Toiletries
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Classic cleaning agents
  • Cleaning tools and accessories

Our Services





We offer you complete cleaning – from dusting, vacuuming, washing dishes or windows to laundry and garden maintenance. Because we enjoy cleaning and have over 10 years of experience in it and hundreds of satisfied customers.

Window cleaning

We will clean your windows so that not a speck is left on the glass. The frames and spars will be free of any dirt, often changing the colour beyond recognition.

High-rise work

It often happens that our customers have windows in inaccessible places, for example at a height of over 4 metres. This is no problem for us – we have ladders, we have ropes, we clean everything.


Buffing is the most used service because we all have carpets, sofas or beds that need a really good cleaning from time to time. We clean to a depth of 10 cm, which is guaranteed to remove all the dust mites and dust that cause big problems, especially for asthmatics.

Steam spotting and cleaning

Regular steam cleaning is very beneficial for allergy sufferers as the hot steam (80-90 °C) effectively removes all odours, grease and allergens. Customers use this service especially for cleaning their cars.

Ozone air purification

Ozone cleaning is most commonly practiced in hospital areas because it removes up to 99% of bacteria, odors, and mold.

Extermination services

We also provide services for a clean environment. Worried about rodents, pigeons or other pests? Do not hesitate to contact us, we have reliable solutions for all problems.

Winter maintenance

We provide winter maintenance (snow and ice removal, gritting of surfaces) for apartment buildings, private houses, offices and hotels. Don’t leave anything to chance and get through the winter without unnecessary inconvenience and accidents.

Machine cleaning of floors

Dirty floors, tiles, parquet or other surfaces? No problem! We can cope with everything, because we have several types of machines in our offer.

Garden services

The garden is a part of almost every family home and it is not for nothing that it is said that you can recognize its owner by the garden. We can provide expert service and quality at a high level, from project design to implementation and regular maintenance.

Graphite cleaning

Graffiti is often a very unpleasant and especially unwanted decoration of your property. The good news is that we can remove them from your fence, house wall or car, either chemically or mechanically.

Additional services

Need a helping hand from a cleaning expert? Our services include purchasing and advising on the selection of cleaning products for your home or business.

Why we?


Good communication

Professional staff, immediately ready to service your home or business.


Quality service

We can handle any dirt. Not a speck of dust escapes us, because cleanliness is half life.


Ideal price

We have set our prices so that we can provide the best quality service for the best value for money. See for yourself.

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